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House of Prayer

A House of Prayer first begins in  the hearts of men. We build a place for God to dwell by spending time in prayer and in the Word, connecting with Jesus. We then follow the next step in joining with other believers to build a corporate hose of prayer, as it has been done throughout all of Bible history. God desires a people who will lay down their personal lives and make a sacrifice of worship and intercession in the House of God. When we join together in this manner we can see serious changes in our families, our city, the nation, and even in the world.

What Does a Corporate House of Prayer look like?


In the Old Testament, the first Temple established by God incorporated thousands of singers, musicians, intercessors, and other servants. Right now, around the throne of God, there is music and worship being lavished on our Lord. In the HOP, we join in with Heaven, and generations past who understood that God desires worship!


Throughout the Bible, God has always been looking for someone who would stand in the gap to pray for others. Even around the throne, the 24 Elders are involved in intercession. Jesus also makes intercession for us, that we would find faith. In a HOP, we join worship and intercession together, just as it is around the throne of God.

The Word

The Word of God is a mighty weapon. When Jesus was tempted by the devil in the dessert, he used the written word of God to defeat the enemy. As we combine worship and intercession, we also use the Word to prophesy and shift the atmosphere to bring change. When we are armed with the Word of God our worship and intercession becomes even more powerful to tear down the works of the enemy and build up the Kingdom of God!


We are all called and capable of using worship and intercession in our private prayer times with the Lord; and we should. The Lord also desires for us to come together as a church family to do the same. If 1 can put 1,000 enemies to flight, and 2 can put 10.000 enemies to flights, imagine what a room full of intercessors can do!!! (Deut. 32:30, Joshua 23:10). In our experience, the Lord's manifest presence shows up in a very special way during these HOP services, and we can see the fruit of our labor in answered prayer, revelation received, and unity among the brethren.


At TOBCF, we believe that HOP sessions should be entirely lead by the Holy Spirit. Because of this we begin our HOP services by speaking in tongues. Sometimes an intercession leader will already have a scriptural focus before we begin. Sometimes the Lord will speak after we begin worshipping. As we navigate the prayer focus, we stay sensitive and flexible, moving with the wind of the spirit, praying and singing what we hear from God, prophetically.

Night and Day

In the Old Testament temple, there were priests and worshippers ministering to the Lord, both night and day. The same is true today around the throne of God. There are ministries all over the nation and even across the globe that are starting HOP sites that minister 24/7. Our goal is to have ministers in the House of God every day, and even into the night. We have weekly HOP meetings, prayer lock-ins, and other events to keep the incense on the altar burning!

House of Prayer Scriptures

Partner with US

We are seeking singers, musicians, intercessors, and other ministry staff to partner with us to maintain and grow a corporate House of Prayer.

We believe that out of this HOP, signs and wonders, healings and deliverances, will spring forth. Even a great move of God or a revival may come from it.

The HOP is what fuels every other part of our ministry.

Once you have experienced the fire and passion that is released in these services, you will fall in love with it!

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