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Meet Our Team

Our Story

Rick and Martha met and married in 1986 and gave their lives to the Lord soon after. They were called into the Healing and Deliverance Ministry in 1987. From the beginning of their walk with God they began to see many miracles and people being set free. The Olive Branch Christian Fellowship held their first church service on September 18, 2005 in Whitney, Texas. The power of God flowed in a mighty way in Whitney, with many miracles, deliverances, and financial blessings. They paid off the building and built an addition.


In 2011, Pastor Rick felt led by God to begin holding church meetings in Waco, Texas. The power of God flowed mightily at these meetings. On October 2, 2011, Ogles released the church building in Whitney to the care of another pastor, and leased a building in Waco. Signs and wonders continued to manifest, including a great revival that drew people from all over the central Texas area. In June of 2014, TOBCF was blessed with a beautiful building in downtown Waco at 1101 Columbus Ave. They are flowing a growing there today.

Pastor Rick carries a special anointing for healing and deliverance. He also specializes is discipleship and training, holding conferences on Healing and Deliverance, Prophecy, End Times, and the annual Encounter Conference every Fall. Martha has extensive knowledge and teachings on the End Times and Dream Interpretation. Martha also has a love for survival skills and prepper knowledge and seeks to educate the community on how to be prepared for what may come in the future.


Rick and Martha have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. They enjoy traveling (especially to the beach), and spending time with their two husky dogs, Nimeria and Flash.

Senior Pastor & Vision Team Leader Richard Ogles

Administrative Director & Vision Team Member Martha Ogles

Elder & Vision Team Member Steve Brown
Worship Team Member & Mentor Donna Brown

Steve and Donna were married in 1986. They have a wonderful testimony about the restorative power of God in their marriage, and they are gifted in Marriage Counseling and Discipleship. Donna began attending TOBCF in 2010 when it was still in Whitney Texas. Steve later began attending and was asked to become a church elder in 2016.


Donna works as a nurse and has a love for Evangelism and Mentoring. Steve has great knowledge in finances and has a passion to teach the benefits of tithing and fiscal responsibility. He is also a great patriot with a passion for history and a desire to see this nation return to its Christian heritage and constitutional freedoms.


Steve and Donna have one son, and they enjoy traveling and spending time with family and their dogs.

Worship Leader & Vision Team Member

Angela Gassaway
Deacon, Security Team Leader & Vision Team Member

Richard Gassaway

Angela was raised in church, but she strayed away from God for more than 15 years. She was the lead singer in a death metal band that toured central Texas. During this time Richard was serving overseas in the Army. Angela returned to the Lord in August of 2007 and had an encounter with Jesus that changed her forever. The Lord began giving her original Christian songs. A friend led her to TOBCF when it was in Whitney Texas, and she drove there from Waco for services and prayer meetings. She began serving under another worship leader there.

After 2 tours in Iraq, Richard came home to Waco and married Angela in 2009. After the church was established in Waco, Angela became the TOBCF worship leader in 2012. Richard began playing drums on the worship team in 2013. He is also a deacon and head of the Security Team. Angela sings prophetically and has a passion to train others to do so. She is still writing original songs for the Lord and has a passion for the House of prayer, where Intercession and Prophetic Worship come together.

Richard and Angela have 4 children, and love to spend time on their farm, raising chickens and homeschooling their kids. Richard is a handy man who enjoys hunting and fishing. You can hear Angela's studio recordings, view her Biblical paintings, or download free teachings on her ministry website:

Church Secretary, Intercession Department Leader,
& Vision Team Member

Lois Garcia

Youth Pastor & Vision Team Member

Christie Gier

Children's Ministry Coordinator & Vision Team Member
Jamie Ivie

Deaconess, Evangelism Team Leader

& Vision Team Member

Elvira Salas

Church Treasurer, Worship Team Member
& Vision Team Member

Nan Norman

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